Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Starting With Coupons

My favorite money saving sites:

 http://www.moneysavingmom.com/ -an awesome blog. She is just about the best blogger out there, in my opinion! She's clear, concise, and positive. Covers CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

http://www.ccherrypicker.blogspot.com/ - covers Giant Eagle

Sites for printing coupons




Our area gets the direct mail Redplum inserts (not every week). As I hear it, the Plain Dealer seems to have the most Smartsource coupons of the local papers. The Tribune Chronicle doesn't have half as many, I know that from personal experience. The Plain Dealer also has P&G coupons about once a month, and sometimes has General Mills or other coupon inserts. The Sunday paper is better than the Smartsource and Redplum websites. Unfortunately, too often the really good coupons are not published on those websites. Some couponers get multiple Sunday papers so they have a better stash of the good coupons.

I save pretty much all the coupons I get- because you never know when it might help with a really sweet deal! I don't usually print coupons unless I am pretty sure I will use them. And speaking of printables, you can save on printing by doing 2 things- set your printer to black and white- I've never had a problem with those being accepted- and you also can use paper that has been printed on one side, or colored paper. I've never had trouble with that, either, and it helps not to buy new paper all the time just for coupons. And one more thing on the printables- sometimes an ad will print beneath the coupon, hogging ink. I like to stay right by my printer, and if it starts printing an ad after the coupon, I hit cancel on the printer, and it stops the rest of the ad from printing.

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