Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Giant Eagle Trip

Today I went to Giant Eagle for the last day of this week's sale. Before I went, I made a list of everything I wanted to buy, collected the appropriate coupons, and figured out how much it was going to cost. I like to get within 50 cents, so at the register, I am tipped off immediately if it's not very close to what it what I had in mind. I also picked up a couple items I didn't have figured into the total. Like the lonely bag of rice chips on the clearance table for $1.49- I knew I had a one dollar coupon, so I dug that out- for 49 cents, I would try something new. I thought I double-checked my coupons before I checked out, and I knew my total was supposed to be about $14 plus tax for a couple non-food items. So when my total came to well over $15, I was a little surprised, but I had watched her ringing up everything, and it all looked right.

This is where the crazy coupon lady comes in! I went out to the car, checked my receipt meticulously, then discovered the coupon for the rice chips in my purse! No wonder my total was high! I had put in a couple coupons that I didn't actually use, so I had thrown them into my purse before I got to the cash register, and the coupon I needed accidentally went in, too. :( Oh well, $1 won't put us in the poor house, I guess!

I had 2 freebies today, right up front- 2 bags of Birdseye Steamfresh vegetables for $1 each, minus (2) 50 cent coupons, doubled. The 50 cent Birdseye coupon is usually in the papers about once a month, and GE often runs the $1 sale about that often, too. The other freebie was the 4 containers of Quaker Oats I mentioned yesterday.

I had a money maker today, too. I paid $6 for 2 Glade candles. There had been a coupon to save $3 off 2. I paid $3 out-of-pocket, and got not one, but two catalinas- $3 off my next shopping trip thanks to Glade, and $2 thanks to SC Johnson, the company that makes Glade. So I made $2 buying them, plus I get to submit my receipt for a $5 rebate when you buy 3 Johnson products.   I only have to buy one more item to meet those requirements. I'll try to post the link for those rebates yet today- they go really well with some sweet sales/coupons deals. ***just noticed on my catalina that you can get the $3 catalina until the 24th of this month, even though today is the last day for the $2 one. So it's still might make for free candles, depending on the price,  if you have the 11/22 Smartsource coupon for $3 off 2 Glade products. esp. when paired with the rebate. Go here for more details***

My shopping trip today wasn't the most thrifty ever. I was stocking up on yogurt again. Per ounce, yogurt isn't extremely cheap, but my daughter loves it so much. She is never happier than if she can have cereal and yogurt for breakfast. I also bought 2 boxes of cold cereal for $1.50 each. I know some couponers won't buy cereal unless they can get it for $1 or less, but $1.50 is about the best I can ever do around here. Maybe it's the area? Does anyone know how to get cereal for less than that on a regular basis? I would love to know how and where!

The rest of my purchases weren't anything newsworthy ;)

I'll try to post the Giant Eagle deals starting tomorrow as soon as I can. Stay tuned!

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