Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Preview of Giant Eagle Deals starting 1/21

update: Not the greatest week ever at Giant Eagle. I didn't see any other deals I especially wanted to point out. Go here to see if any of them interest you.

I haven't gotten all the deals together yet, but here are a couple that stood out to me, especially since they are potential money-makers!

Get $4 off your next shopping trip when you purchase any 6 of the following in one transaction:

Pillsbury Grands!jr
Golden Layers
Cinnamon Rolls

Buy 6 for $6 (or $1 each)
There are quite a few coupons from the Sunday papers for Pillsbury products
Printables are at -the highest value is $1 off 2 cinnamon rolls. You can also get $.30 off 2 Grands biscuits
smartsource also has some, but it's not working for me just now :(
pillsbury also has coupons, including a $1 off 2 Grands biscuits
~sometimes there are even higher value printables floating around- I'll let you know if I find any.

here is a $1 off 1 printable to try. It says I have already printed it, so I can't be sure it works, but it would make the deals here even better!
So the best deal I see is to use buy 6 cinnamon rolls and/or Grands biscuits for $6. Use 3- $1 off 2 coupons.  Your total would be $3, and you'd get a $4 catalina for your next purchase.
-up to $1 money maker (more than that with the $1 printable)   page 6

P &G products
$5 off your next shopping trip when you buy any 4 of the following:

2 for $5
Dawn Dish Liquid 19 or 24 oz.
Mr. Clean Pourables 40 oz
Mr. Clean Spray 32 oz.
Febreze Air Effects Aerosol 9.7 oz

2 for $8
cascade Action Packs 16 or 20 ct.
or Gel or Powder 75 oz.
Swiffer Refills 12 or 16 ct.

there are various coupons from the P&G coupon inserts, or use coupons from HomeMade Simple book. If you've never gotten one, go here to register for a book with over $35 savings. It won't help this week's deals, but it has been very useful to me in the past, and will again be useful this week.

If you have gotten the book, here's what you can do:
Buy 2 Mr. Clean Sprays for $5. Use (2) 75 cent coupons (doubled) and save $3 = $2 out of pocket
Buy 2 Mr. Clean pourables for $5. Use (2) 75 cent coupons (doubled) and pay $2 out of pocket
= $4 total- get $5 catalina on your next shopping trip

If you haven't received those books, check your coupons. I will be on the look-out for printables, but so far, I haven't seen any.
- up to $1 money maker  page 11

Those are the 2 best deals that I see right now. I will be back tomorrow, I hope.

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